St John's School in Wartime

A blog about the history of St John's School Leatherhead in wartime and those Old Johnians who served in the First and Second World Wars.

Athletic Sports

From 1890 an annual Athletic Sports competition was held at the School.  Held over two or three days the events included flat races over varying distances; long jump; high jump; hurdles; kicking the football; throwing the cricket ball; a three-legged race and a sack race.  A House tug-of-war competition was introduced in 1892.

In 1918, one boy was particularly successful: ‘The feature of the week was W St G Hombersley’s hundred. Hombersley also secured the quarter, shared the first place with Evans in the high jump, ran first in the mile, and secured second place in the open hurdles, the cross-country and the long jump. For these performances he got the Victor Ludorum Cup with 52 points.’


In 1922 a tug-of-war competition took place between masters and pupils. The Johnian magazine commented:

‘a novel feature, which we hope will be continued other years, was a Tug-of-War between the Masters and the School. Sad to relate, this exciting event ended in an easy victory for the Masters.’