St John's School in Wartime

A blog about the history of St John's School Leatherhead in wartime and those Old Johnians who served in the First and Second World Wars.

Old School Songs: 2 A Football Song and Chorus

'A Football Song and Chorus' was composed in 1899 by St John’s organist and music master, Walter Henry Lonsdale and Charles Leonard Woolley (OJ 1891-99) who later found fame as an archaeologist. The words were published in The Johnian, February 1900. 

Popular for a about fifteen years, the 'School Song' is last mentioned in March 1914, when a report on a School Concert said: 

'A very pleasant evening was brought to a close with the school song and cheers for the performers.'

After the First World War, the School reverted to playing Rugby as the main winter game rather than Association Football, so the 'School Footer Song' was no longer heard at St John's.